by Rizoma

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released September 2, 2013

Rizoma empezaron a tocar a finales de 2012 y esto es lo primero que sacan. Son:

Edu - Guitarra y voz
Alex - Batería
Luis - Bajo

Grabado en el verano de 2013 en el local de ensayo por Fast & Loud Recordings


Rizoma started playing in late 2012 and this is their first release. They are:

Edu - Guitar and vocals
Alex - Drums
Luis - Bass

Recorded in summer 2013 at the rehearsal room by Fast & Loud Recordings




Rizoma Madrid, Spain

Punk psicodélico mugriento para mover los pies y destrozar cosas.


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Track Name: Satanic Psychedelic Punks On The Run
Young men running in the streets wearing vintage chinese hats
with Hawkwind records in our hands we run from the Facebook brain police

Our mothers will cut our hair and policemen will starve us to death
we are satanic hippie punks we hate things that dont explode!!

Japanese black and white terrorists have come to destroy buildings with us
but relax its only paranoia we are safe in this clean town

We search for food in the rubbish with our long hair full of dirt
we listen to Motörhead all day we hate things that dont explode
Track Name: It Feels So Good To Kill My Neighbors While Listening To The Stooges
All my favorite records are stained with your shit and your blood
you come dressed in black ready to kill all our neighborhood

Ohh it feels so good to kill my neighborhood
you can play "LA Blues" as long as you want all night!!

In our drug-free country we have some tea then we sleep on the floor
its raining meatball on the street and I sing "I wanna be your dog"
Track Name: Wipers Shirt
You look so good in your Wipers shirt your alien face drives me insane
your band´s so cool makes my head explode if I think of you I get sick and cold

when I look at your alien eyes I think I want to fuck love you
when I see you playing live I think I want to waaaghhhabshjdlmkdh
Track Name: Cows, Sheeps, Pigs And Tractors
Track Name: The Invasion Of The Fascist Scarecrows (Horticultural Reich)
A scarecrow appeared in my bedroom back in 1971
he said "now we have conquered the world, obey the HORTICULTURAL REICH"